About Us

Nevada Rural Hospital Partners is an alliance of 12 small and rural hospitals. Founded on the idea that we are stronger standing together than independently, NRHP is composed of 12 hospitals (see the Member Map) serving approximately 260,000 people spread over a geographic area about the size of New England. Our membership is diverse in terms of ownership – some are public, some non-profit, and some for-profit. Many are independent and some are affiliated with healthcare systems. In addition to acute services, several offer long-term care; bed size ranges from 4 to 63.

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Supporting Rural Hospital Viability

Our mission is to improve the viability of member hospitals through shared services, resources, and advocacy.

Our purpose is to maintain access to hospital-based healthcare services in rural settings.

We are effective because we are self-governing, highly credible, and fully committed to our members. We strive to be accessible, collaborative, and responsive, both to our members and to the environment in which they operate. We accomplish our mission by being proactive, focused, and energetic.

NRHP is widely recognized as a successful network. Our members are exceptionally cohesive, and share the belief that each member is stronger through united effort. NRHP staff effectively leverages this cohesion for the benefit of all of our members.

NRHP goals are closely related to its mission – to support member viability. NRHP believes the viability of small hospitals rests on:

  • A supportive operating environment;
  • Adequate financial resources;
  • Quality human resources;
  • An appropriate array of high quality services that meet community needs; and
  • Appropriate facilities and technology.

Through its strategic plan and implementation processes, NRHP offers a wide array of programs and services, all aimed at supporting these five foundations of member viability.

NRHP has four entities through which it carries out its purpose and mission:

  • NRHP Inc., a 501(e) Shared Services Organization
  • NRHP Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
  • NRHP Management Services Inc., a for-profit corporation
  • Liability Cooperative of Nevada (LiCON), a self-funded professional liability insurance trust

Tobacco Free Facility Statement

NRHP affirms its commitment to provide a culture of wellness for hospital employees, patients, and visitors. As an organization that supports our rural membership, NRHP is dedicated to making healthy policy changes to help all our member hospitals, their employees, and patients live longer and better. NRHP supports a culture that encourages and supports our members’ strategy for tobacco-free environments and a comprehensive approach to tobacco cessation.