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NRHP Foundation works with the Nevada State Legislature to help ensure a supportive operating environment for small and rural hospitals in our state. Nevada’s legislature meets every other year for just 120 days of intensive effort involving a wide range of issues. Examples include Medicaid eligibility and reimbursement, quality of care and patient safety, billing practices, transparency of pricing and quality information, tort reform, employment practices, issues affecting public entities, insurance, and many more. When the legislature is not in session, NRHP monitors and participates as various legislative committees continue work on these issues. NRHP also monitors changes at the federal level, providing input on behalf of the members, and supporting members’ adjustment to changes in federal law and regulation.

In addition to legislative advocacy, NRHP helps ensure a supportive operating environment for members by working with a variety of state agencies and boards, such as the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the Nevada Health Division, and multiple professional licensing boards. Examples of issues at this level include compliance with the State’s quality of care reporting requirements, physician licensure processes, facility licensure issues, mental health service delivery in rural areas, quality reporting, and pharmacy and laboratory regulations. NRHP also monitors changes at the federal level, and provides input on behalf of the membership.