Critical Access Hospital (CAH)
NRHP is the designated Nevada Critical Access Network and a subcontractor for the Nevada Office of Rural Health, providing a range of services supporting the Nevada Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (a.k.a. NV Flex Program). The services of the NRHP Regional Chief Financial Officer and Regional Chief Information Officer are provided to CAH and CAH-eligible hospitals through the program. Key focus areas include strategic planning, financial consulting, IT support and planning, CAH assessment and conversion, and quality and performance improvement.

Financial Technical Assistance
Provision of on-site and remote technical assistance to member facilities and staff on reimbursement issues, regulatory compliance, service line assessment and expansion and facility financial management brings expertise to member facilities that they might not otherwise have.

Revenue Cycle Improvement
NRHP has created the Revenue Cycle Improvement Program to support small hospital viability. The program is based on the integration of the many components of an effective revenue cycle with hands-on support throughout the process.

Charge Master Improvement
Through the Small Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP), NRHP has coordinated a pilot project intended to address a common problem in small hospitals – maintenance of an accurate and current charge master.

RHC Designation
NRHP staff assist members in obtaining Rural Health Clinic designation for their hospital-owned clinics. The federal RHC program is intended to increase access to primary care services for rural Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Once designation is achieved, NRHP assists members with any related issues. NRHP helps: ensure that all state and federal documentation is prepared accurately; identify resources for the development of policies and procedures and other required forms; provide guidance for mock surveys and program compliance; follow-up with state and federal agencies to determine survey dates and appropriate reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid.

Information Technology
NRHP’s Regional Chief Information Officer serves as a consultant to members to assist them with decisions about their information systems, the development of electronic health records, planning for health information exchange, and their negotiations with their vendors.