Group Health
NRHP acts as the agent for member hospitals participating in this program. Their employees are aggregated and NRHP coordinates the purchase of employee/dependent group health coverage for the group. NRHP also serves as the liaison to the carriers, assisting members with problem resolution and providing plan usage information for the members.

The Liability Cooperative of Nevada (LiCON) is a self-funded risk retention pool administered by Nevada Rural Hospital Partners. Not-for-profit and publicly owned members are eligible, along with the physicians they employ or with whom they contract. LiCON provides several types of coverage including general liability, professional liability (med mal), directors and officers, employment practices, and pollution. LiCON is governed by a Council made up of the CEOs of the hospitals that participate in the program. Aggressive risk management services are provided to LiCON members through the efforts of the LiCON Risk Manager Work Group.

Property insurance coverage is offered through the Alliant Property Insurance Program (APIP). Members can usually achieve significant savings by joining this large program.

Technical Equipment Asset Management of Nevada (TEAM) is a self-funded pool for the preventive maintenance and repair of biomedical and electronic equipment. Hospitals are able to reduce their costs for coverage and are eligible to receive dividends at the end of the fiscal year if costs do not exceed contributions. NRHP is the administrator of this program.

Workers’ Compensation
The Public Agency Compensation Trust is a self-funded workers’ compensation insurance pool available to public entities through an organization separate from NRHP and LiCON. Members of PACT have access to POOL/PACT HR, a comprehensive and proactive program that facilitates the development and support of each member’s human resources program. NRHP facilitates communication between POOL/PACT HR and its members, and assists with problem resolution. NRHP is represented on the POOL/PACT HR Committee.

NRHP also serves as the agent for workers’ compensation insurance through Pro Group Management and Nevada Mutual for members who are either not eligible for PACT or who want an alternative.