Throughout each year, the Nevada Department of Transportation administers Federal Transit Administration funds used by local transit providers to purchase and operate transit buses and other vehicles. NDOT distributes this funding to sub-recipients such as senior centers, rehabilitation centers, Native American reservations, non-profit rural transportation providers, county bus services and hospitals across Nevada. These various transit services in turn provide bus transportation to the elderly and disabled, rural residents and those looking for job and health care access. Four buses recently purchased largely with federal funds were recently presented to the following transit providers: Douglas Area Rural Transit, Pershing General Hospital and Nursing Home, Battle Mountain General Hospital and Churchill Area Regional Transit. These 14-passenger busses all have wheelchair lifts, with a value of approximately $70,000 each. Over the past 35 years, NDOT has utilized Federal Transit Administration funds to purchase more than 400 buses and other vehicles for local transit providers. The vehicles operate in sixty different areas across Nevada, offering close to one and a half million rides annually for the disabled, the elderly and those needing a ride to employment, medical treatment and more.