Loan Pools

NRHP manages two revolving loan pools–one for NRHP member hospitals and one open to qualifying rural providers. Information and links to applications for both can be found below. Please call the NRHP office at 775.827.4770 if you have questions. 

NRHP Foundation Loan Pool

NRHP developed and administers the NRHP Foundation Revolving Loan Pool, which provides members with low cost loans for equipment and capital improvement. As members repay their loans, funds are returned to the pool and new loans can be made. Select the link below for the application.

Rural Healthcare Provider (RHP) Loan Pool

The Rural Healthcare Provider Loan Pool, managed by Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, was established through a cooperative effort by Nevada Rural Hospital Partners and the Nevada State Legislature to assist rural providers in improving access to quality healthcare services in rural and frontier Nevada by making loans available with very favorable interest rates. Loans are not limited to NRHP members – any rural provider or potential rural provider in Nevada may apply for a loan if they meet basic criteria related to the expansion of access to healthcare services.Funded by the State of Nevada, the Rural Healthcare Provider Loan Pool was created when the Nevada Legislature passed AB 103 during the 2005 session. The bill appropriated one million dollars to Nevada Rural Hospital Partners for the purpose of establishing a revolving loan pool for rural healthcare providers.


  • Establishment of a permanent resource intended to improve access to healthcare practitioners and services for Nevada’s rural residents.
  • Fund equipment, software, and capital improvements that improve rural access to healthcare.
  • Enhance service development and rural provider recruitment/retention by providing relatively easy access to low cost capital.
  • Improve the quality of care by upgrading diagnostic and treatment services.

Allowable Uses:

  • Capital expenditures including equipment and facilities.
  • Software and tenant improvements will be considered.

Management & Administration:

Management of the Pool rests with Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, a consortium of 12 rural and frontier Nevada hospitals. The Pool is administered by a committee comprised of Nevadans from the fields of rural healthcare, economic development, and finance. The committee seeks continual balance between funding providers’ needs and responsible lending. The Pool is established as a permanent resource for rural providers. As loans are repaid, new loans will be made, and the Pool will continue to grow long into the future.


  • Healthcare service providers in:
    • Counties with less than 100,000 people; or
    • Rural areas of urban counties, as designated by the Nevada Office of Rural Health
  • Available to individual providers and businesses that are organized as:
    • Public; or
    • Private not-for-profit; or
    • For-profit entities

Applying for a Loan:

On behalf of the RHP Loan Pool, Nevada Rural Hospital Partners (NRHP) welcomes your application and wishes you success in your financing endeavors. NRHP staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have, or to provide technical assistance in preparing the application. A brief pre-application discussion with NRHP staff is recommended to ensure that the borrower and project qualify for financing.

We recommend that you print a working copy of the application and take the time to gather all of the needed information before you attempt to complete the required on-line form. In order to make sure all applications are legible, we have put the application online – just complete it, print, sign, and mail it to us.